When winter is fast approaching, most people are usually busy trying to ensure that the heater is in good condition. There is no doubt that winter takes a toll on us, but it can be quite harsh to the vehicles too. Getting ready for winter is an important thing for all car owners. Those into DIY should not forget about an aspect that hurts cars to the core- road treatments. Avoiding the road is not a viable option but these tips will come in handy.

What are winter road treatments?

Local and state road services tend to spread coal ash and salt on the road. The components are meant to melt the ice and increase the road’s grip when the snow hits hard. Although it is great for the road, vehicles are exposed to rusting conditions by the salt and coal ash. Drivers in the 19th century knew this factor and thus used motor oil on the chassis. Besides being messy, used oil coatings are illegal in several places.

Ensure it is always clean

It is simpler to keep a clean car rust-free than a dirty one. Wash your vehicle as often as you can, especially after driving through the “salted roads.” Use a lint-free towel and high-quality soap for this. Make sure you remove all the dirt from the wheel wells and the paint. In case it is too cold for you to wash it, invest in a touch-less form of car washing. After all, it takes a few minutes to get done and will cost you a few bucks only.

Wax it

Wax is a great paint application. It is good for use all year round, particularly during the winter season. Besides being a UV barrier, it acts as protective layer against the grime on the road. The protection it offers is crucial in ensuring the car does not rust. You can apply every three months.