Costly Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

If you are buying a new home, it always pays to be a little more careful when making your decision. A little research into the home of choice will pay well in the long run. You may also want to talk to friends, family, colleagues on how to go about the buying process. Here are mistakes that most homeowners make and you should avoid falling in the traps.

#1- Falling in love with home staging

Anybody looking into selling a house knows that unless they make a compelling home staging set-up, nobody will fall for it. That is why sellers will de-clutter the space and re-arrange the furniture. When a potential home buyer walks into the house, they feel a sense of belonging. This is not bad, but you should not allow the neat rooms to overshadow the home’s negative aspects. Look into other things such as the condition of the floor and ceiling.

#2- Trusting the floor plan

The floor plan says that the measurements are 14 feet by 20 feet. However, this might not be the true. It is not a case of the agent or sellers trying to deceive you, but errors in measurements are quite common and can come in various ways. That is why you need to go to the house and measure it.

#3- Not bothering to have an inspection

About a decade ago, a home inspection was obvious, but it is not the case today. Most people are scared of losing a bid by wasting time to get an inspection done. Whenever you feel the urge to forego this important activity, remember how much you will be investing in the purchase and call an inspector right away. If you feel that the seller is at a bidding war, request the realtor for a pre-sale home inspection. Usually, many sellers prefer to have an inspection beforehand, so that potential buyers can have an easy time.